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Long before I was 15, my mom said “Did I give you those shoes?”, “Aren’t they too high for your age”, “poor knees”, and to this day I keep on repeating “What a pair of nice legs! but how about those kidneys? ” The shoes were bought at a Nine West OutletĀ .


nine west outlet

nine west outlet


There are things in life that can not be avoided, like shopping and saving money at a Nine West Outlet, but another one of those things is remembering my mom being quite anal about shoes so they would look good with the dress you wear to your first fifteen … Yes, it sounds outdated, and your friends look at you all weird because they think in the 90 ‘s “women dresses were super cool!” Well, think twice, they really weren’t. Now a days we have much cooler stuff to chose from than what we had based on style back in the 90s. I was sick of wooden stilts and my innocent desire to be 21 was very well pretended by wearing those high heels my mom gave me!! Then finally the day came, I was 21 and I bought my first pair of shoes and they were similar to the ones my mom gave me when I was 14. Until today, I forgot about those shoes.




My first stilettos were a number 9, which I still have all rendered but in good shape. Last week, as I was cleaning my bedroom, I pulled them out of the closet, and I realized that the shoes were in pretty good shape, they were a pair of Nine West Opaque Navy Leather high heels, with them I learned to walk, in front of a full length mirror.


We know that stilettos have their grace as the name says “style”, rising the butt, flattening the stomach, tensing the muscles of the legs, but they can also cause damage when they are not well produced regardless of brand and worst of everything is the improper posture given when walking, which can be very dangerous and very malicious to your health.




If you pay attention when many women walk in heels, you often see them with their chin held high up but with a bent back, and their column being damaged because not only they are on heels, but all the accessories can also ruin your posture, even a purse or a wallet.


Some walk very slender, slightly throwing back to back, without bending any joints, obviously damaging them by all the tension they put on their waist, and everything starts to hurt, so you would definitely need comfortable shoes at least.

Wearing and Sporting the BEST HEELS


You recognize what your body needs.If this is your first time using this type of shoe, I invite you to take my advice, before ending up paying high medical bills.


You should start by standing right, spine straight, without bending the knees, arms relaxed, shoulders back and chin sustained gazing forward, then relax the body without losing upright posture, make gathering exercise without lifting the heels and tips of your feet from the ground, flex the knees and ankles (like walking) move your legs one after another, combining with a swing of her hips, and very quickly, with practice, accompanying with arms, go ahead and apply the swing on heels.


I recommend to buy durable fashion shoes and well made, and they will last a long time, because if you get a pair of cheap, low quality shoes, they will not be put to use properly and you will suffer the consequences … “Better safe than sorry ”


Another tip is to buy the quality shoes at excellent prices, like at a Nine West Outlet. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will try to help you in order for you to look fashionable on every occasion. Click here to get some cheap Nine West Shoes at the Nine West Outlet.


Nine West Outlet

Nine West Outlet

Nine West Outlet